Friday, April 3, 2009

Senator Durbin on CPSIA in the Illinois Channel

I was very unhappy when I read Senator Durbin's comments about CPSIA in the Illinois Channel blog: Durbin: CPSIA Most Important Consumer Legislation in More than 30 years.

This erroneus claims particularly bothered me: “In the last few years, dozens of children were killed and thousands more injured because of dangerous toys on our store shelves. Recall after recall had many in Congress wondering if America’s consumer watchdog agency had lost its bite.”

I quickly answered back: "Where do these statistics come from? Dozens of children have NOT been killed by lead laden or phthalate laden products! And thousands have not been injured by them. This law is an outrage, and Senator Durbin and the Illinois Channel are adding to the lies that helped get it passed in the first place."

I was pleasantly surprised when my comments were actually posted, and then to read the comment that followed mine. I was even more impressed by the email I got from someone connected to the Illinois Channel blog explaining that they were merely passing on Durbin's positions, not reporting them as the truth. The fact that comments refuting them were posted is certainly a good indication of that claim.

I guess we can see that there is still some balanced reporting out there on the subject of CPSIA, as limited as it may be.

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