Friday, April 10, 2009

More Attention Being Paid in Blogs to CPSIA than by Congress

More and more of us get the feeling that "Congress is fiddling, while our industries are burning."

Congress continues to refuse to fix the CPSIA mess they created....Mainstream media still pretty much ignores the issue...But bloggers will get the word out there, one blog entry at a time.

Only Congress could ruin the kids motorcycle business and endanger children at the same time: Hugh points out: "90% of the youth fatalities and injuries on motorcycles occur when kids ride adult vehicles." Which is going to happen more and more because of CPSIA.

Of course, not all the blogs out there understand how bad CPSIA is, especially if they are connected to Consumer Union or U.S. PIRG. Here's another one that makes us out to be the bad guys. (For some reason, those blogs always seem to be short facts...but maybe that's just me.)


  1. Before I read the Consumer Reports post on the Amend the CPSIA rally I had nothing but the highest respect for them.

    Rich Woldenberg pointed out that they had "made some serious mischaracterizations and factual errors". That was very polite on his part. I watched the rally. What Consumer Reports did was lie, repeatedly and deliberately.

    If they believed in their position you would think they could back it up with truths. You would think they wouldn't need to lie.

    At least they have the integrity to post dissenting opinions in the comments, unlike the blog. The US Pirg site you link to above suggest that one can get the real facts at The PopTort's arguments have been thoroughly debunked which is no doubt why he refuses to post any dissenting comments on his own blog.

    Very interestingly, the PopTort's parent organization, the Center for Justice and Democracy, has a well documented history of publishing falsified statistics: Faulty Studies from Center for Justice & Democracy Are Stunting the Medical-Malpractice Debate.

  2. And yet for all of this, we can't get Congress to listen. I think that bothers me more than anything else -- the lack of action on Congress' part. Do groups like US Pirg and Consumer Union hold so much clout? And everyday citizens so little? Sad, very sad!


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