Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Myth of Good Intentions

DownsizeDC runs another great article on Washington politics and politicians being out of control: This one on "The Myth of Good Intentions" of CPSIA. The author makes a good point, "... I think these assumptions about 'good intentions' are a little naive . . .Their motive was good publicity, not good intentions."

I have been watching the CPSIA mess for almost 3 months now, and I am certainly beginning to believe that this law did not ever have good intentions. While it might be plausible (though not encouraging) to think that over 500 Congressmen/women and Senators managed to not read the bill before they voted for it last summer, and that they might have gotten through last fall without knowing how bad this law really was....But it is very unlikely that by two months into this mess that they could be unaware of the damages they are doing now.

So, if this isn't about the good intentions of protecting our children...then what is it about? It really isn't too far fetched to think that all Congress was/is thinking of with CPSIA is the good publicity they got from "protecting our children".... And they certainly aren't getting much BAD publicity as a result of all the damage they are doing.

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