Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Old Library Books to Washington, D.C.

I purchased 38 old children's books at a library book sale. I am sending them to Washington, D.C. to the staff at CPSC, several Senators, and several members of Congress who think that old books are not still around and/or are not still important. They will be accompanied by the following letter:

To Whom It May Concern In Washington, D.C.

It is a shame that CPSIA has been allowed to continue causing problems for so long already. It is regrettable that Congress continues to have so little concern for the pain they are causing both Consumers and Companies. That pain is being felt by those in so many industries: ATV/bicycles, crafters, clothing, toys, books, and so much more.

And all of this over a fallacy, the fallacy that the presence of lead is a danger. No, the CDC has clearly shown the ingestion of lead is dangerous. And children are not ingesting the above mentioned products.

Contrary to what many of you are claiming, this law does not protect children! It is hurting their ability to have inexpensive, pre-owned clothes, books, and more! And soon it will limit their ability to purchase many of those things new as well.

I am enclosing an old children’s book I purchased from a library book sale. Contrary to the popular opinion of some in D.C., this book is not dangerous. But it is now illegal for me to sell this book, because I cannot prove it is effectively lead free. And it is, or soon will be, illegal for the library to even loan out a book such as this. How do decisions like this get made? Can you really think it is in the best interest of children to deprive them of books such as this?

I look forward to the day when enough members of Congress can admit that this law is flawed, and that they can do the proper thing and repeal it. Barring that, some serious amending would be a step in the right direction!

Sincerely yours, a concerned mother and businesswoman,

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