Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yes, the Law Did Go Into Effect on February 10, 2009

I've heard it so many times in the last month, that sometimes I doubt my own research. A well-meaning customer, or sometimes, even another retailer or reseller, says to me: "But, wait, I thought they weren't enforcing the law until 2010?" Or some other similar sounding question...And each time, I doubt myself again -- if only for a little while. How did I miss it? Do I really have my facts straight? Are we really making "much ado about nothing?"

And then I look again. Back at CPSC, back around the internet. Where are the facts? What are the facts?

And each time, much to my relief (no, that's not quite right!)...there it is again...The truth...In the midst of all the misinformation, it really can be found. Yes, the testing requirements have been postponed until February 2010 by the last minute stay. But not the other requirements! As a reseller I still cannot sell items that violate the new lead and phthalates limits -- even though I have no real way of knowing which pre-owned items do and do not violate them!

And because of the nature of my business, I have to think about reselling, retailing, and manufacturing. And only the manufacturing part has gotten a slight reprieve.

My recent research took me to a Printers Website -- ImPrint: Making Print's Mark on Capitol Hill. They spell out exactly what the stay did and didn't do in their industry.

So, no, unfortunately, over a month after CPSIA has gone into effect, the resellers and the retailers of this country are still suffering under the unreasonable burdens of this bad law.

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  1. Even the stay of enforcement is toothless. State attorneys general can still fully enforce the law, and plaintiff's lawyers can file suit for violations, even if no one is hurt. How much you wanna bet there isn't a lawyer in this country sleazy enough to help a person sue that neighbor they hate as soon as they hold a yard sale with untested children's products? That's not a bet I'd take.


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