Sunday, March 29, 2009

Local News Coverage Still Beats National News

The national news folks -- TV, radio, etc. are missing the mark on covering CPSIA. But various local media around the country are covering it, little by little:

Does Lead Law Go Too Far? This New York article covers it well: "What do second-hand children’s clothes, kids’ dirt bikes and library books have in common? They’re all lumped together in a bill banning the sale of products that might contain trace amounts of lead."

Toxic Toys: Toy Owners Grapple with New Lead Law
In Kauai, as elsewhere, the troubles have only just begun: "Local resale business owners were surprised to learn about new federal regulations on lead-tainted products. Strict regulations are difficult and costly to enforce, according to Alison Pa, program co-director of the Ho’omana Thrift Store in Wailua. Ho’omana is a nonprofit local business with three employees and a small volunteer work force."

Also stumbled upon another blogger's view of CPSIA/upcoming tea parties, etc. If the mainstream media won't get the word out on the effects of CPSIA and other similiar legislation, we will do it for them!

As so many of us have been saying for so long, CPSIA Hurts kids, it doesn't help them!

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