Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Consumer Union

The Consumer Union continues to write in support of CPSIA:
Booksellers find CPSIA implementation solutions

I commented on their article (whether they will show the comment or not remains to be seen!):
"So are you saying that because of one 1947 book that tested over the limit every book printed before 1986 is a danger to our children's health and should therefore be banned!? This law is based on a fallacy -- that the very presence of lead is a danger to our children's health. No, the ingestion of lead is dangerous. And children are not chewing on their books, their clothes, their bicycles, or their ATV's.

The problems with CPSIA are not in the CPSC leadership, they are in the law. Congress wrote and voted for a very bad law, and now refuses to fix their mess. Please put pressure on them to take care of the real problems that exist, not made up ones."

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