Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Video: Rep. Schakowsky On Protecting Children

I'm expecting more of the same with this CPSIA video. Let's see if I'm right...

Another hard to hear video. Congresswoman Scharowsky renews the attack on the CPSC, and especially Acting Chairwoman Nord, who she complains is "content with the status quo". (If there was some true evidence of the status quo having been a problem, these complaints may have been worth listening to, but Congress has done a lot of attacking of Nord and the CPSC, and shown very little to substantiate their claims.)

Ms. Scharowsky also complains about the large number of dangerous toys tested by the Chicago Tribune -- so many that tested so far about the "reasonable limits" that Congress was going to impose with CPSIA. Problem is, those were toys that had already been in the market for many years -- and yet there was no evidence that they had hurt anyone! Where was/is the support for her claim that these toys are so harmful? It doesn't exist.

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  1. It was pointed out to me that the Chicago Tribune reporters got Pulitzers for their toy investigation. So they got rewarded for adding to the HYPE and PANIC about "toxic toys"! Investigative Reporting at its best. NOT! Sounds to me like they need to go back now and investigate what damage has been done by this toxic law!

    A reference to that can be seen at: http://www.chicagotribune.com/about/custom/company/chi-companypulitzerprizes-htmlstory,0,3933976.htmlstory

    A big thank you to the reader to shared that with me!


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