Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Video: Dobbs Rants About Product Safety Chief's Comments

This video is aptly named, it is 1 1/2 minutes of Lou Dobbs ranting against Nancy Nord in February 2008. (Difference between what he is doing here and what Congress did in some of the previous videos, he is talking about her, they were talking to her...)

Sign behind Dobbs says "Who's Protecting You?"

Dobbs starts right in on her, asking, "Nord, is she as imbecilic as she appears to be, as absolutely insensitive to American consumers, as lacking the judgment to run a federal agency designed and created to protect the American consumer...This woman is beyond belief." (No, I'm sorry, as I was watching this video, I couldn't help thinking that Dobbs was beyond belief!)

Then Christine Romans (don't know who she is, sorry) pointed out that Nord is saying that "all the recalls show that the system is working..."

That's as far as she gets before Dobbs cuts her off and says, "That its working?" "How many did her agency initiate?" And then he goes off on her not being willing to answer that question, as if somehow that proves his point of how incompetent she is.

Then he brings up trade, "How can she say it isn't a trade issue...Toys that aren't being inspected...

Romans interjects, "Trade Policy and Safety are 2 separate issues" (presumably quoting Nord's position on it.

And then Dobbs starts again, "We're overwhelmed with imports, how can it be anything but a trade issue as well?" And then he starts insulting her intelligence. Funny, it was his I kept wondering about during the video.

I'm not sure what Nancy Nord did to bring on Dobb's ire, but I can't help watching this and thinking that this is way, way out of line!

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